Thursday, January 04, 2007

Some questions answered...

Frequently we get some common questions and answers we like to pass on. Heres an except from just an email: ( her wedding will take place in Indiana)

Hello Gary,

Since Diana is my first child to marry, I am unsure of how much time we need…. I know that she would like some pictures at the church getting ready and with her girls (she does not want Hayden to see her before she walks down the aisle). – She would like Hayden and his fellows to have some pictures when the girls are finished, and then pictures during and after the ceremony and at the reception. Can you advise me?

How did I find you…? My daughter’s quest to find a photographer who could do more than just take a picture –someone who could capture the inner being and the love of those she held dear… I realized that she was actually looking for someone who knew what her grandfather had been teaching her since she was born…. (I sometimes think she was his teacher)…. I spent hours searching the net, making phone calls and talking with people……frustrated, I asked my dad (who passed from this life to the next) to help me find the person that was supposed to take on this task… I sat down at my computer and searched again – this time your name appeared on the page… I looked at your photos and saw that you captured far more than anyone else I had looked at….I heard that little voice in my head say look at his bio. I read it, and I knew that my search was over… I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Dear Lynn
Weddings are a big deal for me. I advise by heart and soul. The mind will do the rest balancing the two. Most will just use the mind and deception of the heart. I rely on a spiritual calm to give people the best information - and sublime love. The choice to ultimately help or hurt is always the only choice. So - I will try to help you with his precious balance the best I can.
I think about 7 hours always works the best. I do not like for a bride to punch a clock and should take the day to celebrate the heart of the soul. Time is of an essence, but knowing the time a bride and groom have to visit guests, dance, eat, drink and just enjoy the atmosphere of the day - I do not want to rush them in to "posed" pictures because they are short on photo time nor do I want to monopolize THEIR" time. This is a special day and I am there to capture it - recreate the felling and honor the love.
Time will allow me to allow the day to flow "her" way. As she gets ready, he gets ready and family gather, I can be their to make this memories happen naturally. As we get closer to the day she can know that a very loose schedule will work without "punching the clock".
This day of love is wonderful. And I am always honored to be a part of it.
Gary Gerheart

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