Thursday, April 06, 2006

It is wedding planning season!!!!

Its wedding planning season!!! Starting in about December, we get so many calls and referrals about weddings. We usually expect a 6-9 month time before the wedding to be contacted, but this year 2007 has really taken off. Whenever we photography a wedding, we like to look at the other friends and family and do something special. Sometimes its posed, sometimes its just nice for everyone to just "hug up". We used to have to charge for this - but anymore we take care of it at no extra charge because our digital process makes it all so much better. We even show the images for out all day coverage that evening so everyone at the reception can have a great time seeing everyone together. Later that week we put everything up online so anyone the bride wants to share photos with - can. They can even purchase online. Regardless of what is bought or not, we feel this day is about the bride and groom. We are always so honored to be there.
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